Impression Scan

Multidie Scanning

Articulator Direct


Freedom UHD

 Is a revolution in scanner worldThe all new Freedom UHD scanner is a premium 3D scanner with powerful ultra-high definition resolution.5.0MP cameras of the freedom UHD provides data with the sharpest margin lines. Clic ...
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The entry scanner Edge with competitive price and excellent performance. With the model swing method, it has the fastest scanning speed with 1.3MP cameras. It provides essential functions of Impression Scanning and All-i ...
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The face scanner SNAP allows to scan face of a patient and to illustrate it into 3D data instantly. A hand size of small device is combined to a tablet PC to scan face of the patient quickly and to get the high accuracy ...
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Swing is an uniquely designed L-shapeddental scanner with 1.3 megapixel cameras with excellent perfomance.Swing is compact with open-design that fits anywhere on your desk.  Click for SWING full description from DOF web ...
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Freedom HD

Freedom HD with SSS (stable scan stage)  Method Impression Scanning, Dual 2.0MP Camera Hybrid Scanning.FreedomHD is perfect for scanning gypsum models. But it is also optimized for silicone and alginate im ...
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